Monday, October 30, 2006

Voter Guides

From Professor Bass:

Students in the PG312 Parties, Elections, and Campaigns class have been following particular House and Senate races across the country all semester, researching the candidates, issues, ads, funding, polls, and much, much more. As part of their projects, they’ve put together voter guides on each of their races, and we are making them available to you below. So if you are looking for information on races you’ll vote in next week, or are just interested in learning more about races in the news, here is your one-stop-shopping for many of the most hotly contested races of 2006!

2006 Midterm Election Information

Local Races
The TNT has a link to candidate profiles and campaign coverage on the front page of their website (in the middle of the page):

Voter Guides
Students in PG 312 have written voter guides for the following races. Incumbents italicized.

Senate Races

  • ArizonaKyl (R) v. Pederson (D)
  • CaliforniaFeinstein (D) v. Montjoy (R)
  • ConnecticutLieberman (I/D) v. Lamont (D) v. Schlesinger (R)
  • FloridaNelson (D) v. Harris (R)
  • MaineSnowe (R) v. Bright (D)
  • Maryland Cardin (D) v. Steele (R) Open seat; currently D
  • MichiganStabenow (D) v. Bouchard (R)
  • MissouriTalent (R) v. McCaskill (D)
  • MontanaBurns (R) v. Tester (D)
  • NebraskaNelson (D) v. Ricketts (R)
  • New JerseyMenendez (D) v. Kean (R)
  • OhioDeWine (R) v. Brown (D)
  • PennsylvaniaSantorum (R) v. Casey (D)
  • Rhode IslandChafee (R) v. Whitehouse (D)
  • Tennessee – Corker (R) v. Ford (D) Open seat; currently R
  • Vermont – Sanders (I/D) v. Tarrant (R) Open seat; currently I/D
  • VirginiaAllen (R) v. Webb (D)
  • WashingtonCantwell (D) v. McGavick (R)
  • West VirginiaByrd (D) v. Raese (R)

House Races

  • AZ-08: Graf (R) v. Giffords (D) Open seat; currently R
  • CA-14: Eshoo (D) v. Smith (R)
  • CO-03: Salazar (D) v. Tipton (R)
  • CO-07: O’Donnell (R) v. Perlmutter (D) Open seat; currently R
  • CT-02: Simmons (R) v. Courtney (D)
  • IL-06: Roskam (R) v. Duckworth (D) Open seat; currently R
  • NH-01: Bradley (R) v. Shea-Porter (D)
  • NM-01: Wilson (R) v. Madrid (D)
  • NC-11: Taylor (R) v. Shuler (D)
  • OH-18: Padgett (R) v. Space (D) Open seat; currently R
  • OR-05: Hooley (D) v. Erickson (R)
  • PA-08: Fitzpatrick (R) v. Murphy (D)
  • TX-17: Edwards (D) v. Taylor (R)
  • TX-22: Sekula-Gibbs (R) v. Lampson (D) Open seat; currently R
  • VA-02: Drake (D) v. Kellam (R)
  • WA-02: Larsen (D) v. Roulstone (R)
  • WA-08: Reichert (R) v. Burner (D)
  • WA-09: Smith (D) v. Cofchin (R)