Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Organic alums

The News Tribune had an article yesterday about Terra Organics, a local delivery service of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's in our neighborhood, and so I thought I'd drop by and set up a delivery in person. Come to chatting with the owners, and I find out that Dan Hulse is a '02 grad and was PG minor to boot! Best of luck to them with their business which, from the looks of things, is doing well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The long civic generation and the occupation of Japan

From Bill Bockman '06:

I recently joined the Bellevue Sister Cities Association and in addition to becoming an active member of the Yao committee I have become newsletter editor. The demographic make-up of the association reminded me of Bowling Alone and Putnam's discussion of the Long Civic Generation. Currently we are having difficulty recruiting new members and having some difficulty getting more enthusiastic support from City Hall. If any alumni living near the Eastside might be interested in joining and partaking in tax deductible trips to Asia and Europe you would be more than welcomed.

Several BSCA members were either involved in the occupation of Japan or were Japanese-Americans interned during WWII. A couple months ago I was given this 1942 Kenkyusha Japanese-English dictionary from Florence Metcalf, head of the Yao, Japan Committee. She worked in the Allied Translator and Interpreter Section (ATIS) using the dictionary to translate news articles and teach English. The dictionary was printed by Harvard and I was informed that the payment of royalties for these dictionaries was suspended because of the War. So in addition to helping plan for an upcoming delegation visit by Yao and helping sponsor high schoolers for summer exchange trips I have been given a valuable piece of history.

I thought this might be worthy of passing on and perhaps inclusion in the department's blog.

-Bill Bockman'06

Alumi Awards--nominate someone--

From Alumni and Parent Relations:

Alumni Awards

We are proud that so many Puget Sound graduates go on to contribute to their communities, professions, and our university. The annual Alumni Awards, presented at a ceremony at Homecoming each fall, recognizes these accomplishments. Descriptions of the awards can be found below. To nominate a worthy alum for an award please use the Nomination Form. Please submit nominations no later than July 15, 2008.

Professional Achievement Award
Given to alumni whose professional career and work exemplify the intellectual curiosity, active inquiry, and reasoned independence that a Puget Sound education develops. Recipients have gained national or international recognition in their careers in a manner that reflects positively on the university.

Service to Community Award
This award is presented to alumni whose commitment, skill, and dedication have had a significant impact in their community. Through voluntary service in artistic, recreational, educational, human service or other worthy organizations, recipients of this award better the quality of life around them.

Service to the University Award
This award takes many forms of service into consideration: volunteer involvement with the alumni and parent office, with the annaul fund, in academic or other departments on campus, in the regions where alumni live and work, or in public relations.

Young Logger Award
This award is presented to a current student or recent graduate who has made significant contributions to creating programs that bring alumni and students together, that familiarize students with the alumni association, and that encourage class identification.

Intern with Governor Gregoire' campaign

Friday, June 13, 2008

Alum Update: Estevan Munoz-Howard '04

Last time we heard from Estevan he was seeing the world; now he's a bit closer to home:

I just thought I'd fill you in on some of my recent updates. I got a job as Co-Director of a small nonprofit in South Seattle. The Youth Media Institute is a White Center-based organization that trains high school age youth in media justice issues and media technology. We partner with SCAN TV and KBCS radio, among several other organizations and teaching artists, who provide technical trainers for our out-of-school and summer workshops. I just returned from the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis, which was very interesting and energizing; I met a ton of people and made some great contacts for future work. I mentioned a while ago that I was looking to do some work related to building social capital and I think I've found it.

Oh, also, I just got accepted to the Nonprofit Management Certification program at UW, which I'm really excited about.

I hope you are well. Thanks for keeping up with this blog; it's nice to hear about what other UPSers are up to!

Take care,

Estevan Munoz-Howard, '04

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iran overview

Some folks have asked about my trip, so a bit of an update and a few photos. I went to Iran because, well, I'm a political scientist and teach about Iran and thought it would be interesting to go. Foreign Policy Magazine says in this month's issue that travel to Iran is "next to impossible" because "visas are hard to come by, as Americans wishing to travel to the theocratic state must have a sponsoring Iranian travel company that first gets approval with the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This hurdle makes independent travel essentially impossible, and the wait for a visa can take months." This is barely correct, and strikes me as a bit of fear mongering. Yes, Americans can't travel alone, as you need to work through an Iranian travel agency to go and have a guide. And yes, working with the Iranian interest section here in the US is not easy, since they neither answer their phones or their email. But it's not that hard to get a visa if you follow the instructions and don't have Israeli visa stamps in your passport (in my case, that meant getting a new passport). There are no restrictions on the US side, and no one batted an eye on my return. Not once was my baggage opened by either Iranian or US authorities in either direction, though TSA would have been welcome to share my cookies and pistachios I brought home.

I flew Air France to Paris and then on to Tehran, about 20 hours total travel time. Women needed to don headscarfs before leaving the plane, and it took me about two hours to exit the airport, as I was fingerprinted and generally left to cool my heels while paperwork was shuttled about.

I was in Iran for 10 days--Tehran, Yazd, Shiraz, Esfahan, with various other sites along the way. It was just me and my guide. I had access that I did not expect, such as being able to get into Friday Prayers at Tehran University, which is more of a national political rally broadcast each week, complete with the obligatory calls of "Death to America!" I had tea with an ayatollah and we spoke about the separation between faith and state (which he supported). I spoke with those who had fought in the war with Iraq, including my guide, who had trained in the US before the revolution. I visited Khomeini's grave, and saw the graves of the countless young who died in the war. I met many many people, all of whom were friendly and welcoming to me as an American, which I was always clear to identify. Lots of criticism of the current regime, no singing allowed in public, lots of young women pushing the envelope on what is acceptable to wear, but lots of religious conservatism as well. These few words don't capture it all, nor do these few pictures, but it gives you a taste. If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment.

Me at Friday Prayers at Tehran University, up in the press box.

Banner at Friday Prayers.

Me again at Friday Prayers.

Our branch campus in Tehran.

My hotel in Yazd.




Five on a bike.


Persepolis (that place Foreign Policy says you can't see).


With the Ayatollah Ansari. Esfahan.


Christian church. Esfahan.

Everyone is cellphone crazy. Esfahan.



Monday, June 09, 2008

Nice Graduation Picture

graduation 021
A few of our graduating class. Thanks to Hart Edmonson for sending along the picture. I wish I could say that the weather has been this nice here--

Thursday, June 05, 2008

08-09 on/off campus internships with NARAL

My name is Sasha Cousineau and I am the Director of Volunteer &
Youth Programs at NARAL Pro-Choice Washington.

I wanted to let you know that NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is
currently looking for interns at your school that can help us with
outreach to your campus community. In particular, the intern would
lead a Students for Choice campus group. This is a truly unique
internship for students because all the work of the internship would
occur on campus, as opposed to in NARAL's Seattle office.

I am hoping that you can post or send this internship description to
anyone you know that may be interested in getting involved in the
pro-choice movement.


Sasha Summer Cousineau
Director Of Volunteer & Youth Programs
NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
811 First Avenue, Suite 456
Seattle, WA 98104
phone (206)624-1990
fax (206)624-4505

AVAILABLE: 2008-09 School Year
REPORTS TO: Volunteer Coordinator
HOURS: 5-10 hours per week
COMPENSATION: $100/month stipend


NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is the largest statewide grassroots
organization dedicated solely to protecting reproductive rights. We
work to ensure that Washington's women have access to the full range
of reproductive choices, including healthy childbearing, contraception, and safe, legal, and affordable abortion.

In order to truly work on behalf of all women, NARAL is also
committed to changing the face of reproductive rights activism by
confronting issues of movement diversity, therefore NARAL highly
encourages women of color to apply.


NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is looking for responsible, dedicated,
resolutely pro-choice students to fill the position of Students For
Choice Campus Organizer.

Campus Organizer's are essential in educating their fellow
students about the importance of reproductive rights.

*Running a Students For Choice Campus Group.
*Participating in at least two community/campus outreach events
per month.
*Planning and implementing 1-2 campus-based events per school
*Participating in and recruiting students for NARAL Pro-Choice
Washington events and campaigns.
*Participating in regular supervisory phone calls with NARAL
*Finding a replacement at the end of the internship.
*Other duties as they may arise (For example, writing a letter to
the editor or working with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington to help advance
policy goals).
This internship last through the academic year and is done on your
college campus. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are
required. Applicants must be comfortable working independently with
regular (but long distance) supervision.

Internships with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington let you build your
resume while gaining valuable experience. NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
will work with your school to ensure academic credit where available.

NARAL offers a monthly stipend of $100.
Please email resume and cover letter to:

For more information, contact Sasha at (206) 624-1990 or
SashaCousineau@prochoicewashington.org [1]


REPORTS TO: Director of Administration

AVAILABLE: Summer 2008

HOURS: Minimum of 10 hours per week, flexible schedule M-F 9am -

COMPENSATION: This position is unpaid. NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
will help secure academic credit if applicable.


The Administrative Assistant Intern will be responsible for
efficient maintenance of the NARAL Pro-Choice Washington office space,
database management, and other clerical work. This position will give
the intern hands-on experience with the daily business of a small
non-profit organization.

In order to truly work on behalf of all women, NARAL is also
committed to changing the face of reproductive rights activism by
confronting issues of movement diversity, therefore NARAL highly
encourages women of color to apply.

· Track donations, maintain up to date records

· Assist with database maintenance, input of pledges, make
address corrections, and work with administrative team to improve
coding system.

· Organize and maintain the office and the storerooms in an
efficient and functional manner.

· Assist with ordering office supplies

· Answer phones and direct calls appropriately

· Clerical

· Assist Director of Administration as needed
*Strong personal commitment to a woman's right to choose
*Strong computer skills
*Native American/Indigenous, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle
Eastern/Arab American , Latina, Black/African American women strongly
encouraged to apply

Please email a resume and cover letter to Sasha Cousineau at

AVAILABLE: June 2008 to end of October 2008. The ideal candidate
will be available for this entire period of time. However, candidates
that are available for at least June through August will also be

REPORTS TO: Development Associate

HOURS: Minimum of 10 hours per week, flexible schedule M-F 9am -

COMPENSATION: This position is unpaid. NARAL Pro-Choice Washington
will help secure academic credit if applicable.

Intern position will directly assist Auction Coordinator &
Development Associate with all Auction related activities from design
of evening's catalog to tracking and organizing items, donors, and
In order to truly work on behalf of all women, NARAL is also
committed to changing the face of reproductive rights activism by
confronting issues of movement diversity, therefore NARAL highly
encourages women of color to apply.

· Track donations, maintain up to date records in Auction

· Assist with the procurement of auction items, contact and
follow up with potential donors and help to pick-up items

· Work at setup and event (must be available all day on the
day of the auction) on Saturday, October 25, 2008

· Assist with design of all publicity materials

· Respond to and track people who RSVP for event

· Assist Development staff as necessary with other tasks
*Strong personal commitment to a woman's right to choose
*Excellent phone skills
*Strong computer skills including Word and Excel as well as
PageMaker, Photoshop and Access requested
*Experience with events (auction, theatrical, promotional, etc)
*Willingness to and comfort calling strangers and being
*Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and a great sense of

Please email a resume and cover letter to Sasha Cousineau at

AVAILABLE: Summer 2008

REPORTS TO: Political Field Organizer

HOURS: 20 hours/week. Must be available Monday-Thursday evenings
and most weekends.

COMPENSATION: $500/month Stipend

SUMMARY: NARAL Pro-Choice Washington is committed to protecting, as
a fundamental freedom, every woman's right to make personal decisions
regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing
unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal
abortion. In order to truly work on behalf of all women, NARAL is
also committed to changing the face of reproductive rights activism by
confronting issues of movement diversity. Our goal is to be
intentional in opening relationships of mutual exchange, where NARAL
can teach the skills of community organizing and legislative advocacy
while we learn from the voices, experiences and priorities of women of

The Election/Political Intern will work 20 hours per week and will
assist with all aspects of our November 2008 elections work, as well
as planning and executing all other field activities. Intern will work
under the supervision of the Political Field Organizer and be an
essential part of the field team.

§ Assist with volunteer recruitment for phone banks, bird-dogging,
and other election related activities.

§ Help prepare materials for phone banks, bird-dogging, and other
election related activities.

§ Help publicize election related volunteer activities through
flyers, community calendars in newspapers, ally organizations.

§ Help track candidate speaking events, radio/TV appearances, and
other public appearances.

§ Work with pro-choice candidates on their campaigns by
canvassing, attending rallies, etc.

§ Assist Public Policy & Field Director with other field/election
related duties as needed.


· Native American/Indigenous, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle
Eastern/Arab American , Latina, Black/African American women strongly
encouraged to apply.

· Reliable access to personal transportation on weekends.
*Strong personal commitment to a reproductive justice.
*Outgoing personality and willingness to talk to strangers on the
phone and in person
*Good computer skills (Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel)

*Strong internet navigational skills

Please email a resume and cover letter to Sasha Cousineau,
SashaCousineau@ProChoiceWashington.Org [2].
BODY { font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px; }

[1] mailto:SashaCousineau@prochoicewashington.org
[2] mailto:blythechandler@wanaral.org

Victory 2008 job opportunity

This is past the deadline, but it was forwarded to me by Chelsea Walliser '04, who has been working on the Obama campaign. If you are at all interested, I'd encourage you to contact her!

Job Opening: Field Organizer, Washington Victory 2008

Victory 2008 is seeking Field Organizers for the 2008 general election campaign.

Field Organizers will identify and turn out voters for the 2008 general election within a specific geographical area where they are assigned to work. Organizers will manage volunteer training and recruitment, voter registration, phonebanks and canvasses, and outreach to local elected officials and Democratic Party organizations.

The ideal candidate for this position has some political experience, a strong work ethic, and is excited about electing Democratic candidates in the 2008 general election. This is an excellent starting position for people interested in a career in politics or government.

Victory 2008 is a campaign run by the Washington State Democrats on behalf of all Democratic general election candidates in 2008. Our goal is to re-elect Gov. Christine Gregoire, deliver Washington to the Democratic presidential nominee, and work on behalf of all statewide, congressional, and legislative Democratic candidates.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to Chelsea Waliser, Field Director, at Chelsea@wa-democrats.org no later than June 1. Candidates will be considered as applications are submitted.

World Refugee Day

In honor of World Refugee Day (June 20) and the 110th anniversary of the American Red Cross Serving King & Kitsap Counties, learn about the thousands of individuals and families who have been displaced due to war or conflict and their incredible stories of survival and hope.

Join us on Tuesday, June 17, 6:00 p.m. at Seattle City Hall.

Jen Marlowe, a Seattle-based author and documentary filmmaker of The Darfur Diaries and Rebuilding Hope, talks about her experiences in Darfur, south Sudan and other areas of conflict around the world.

Michael Khambatta, the deputy head of the International Committee of the Red Cross, discusses the humanitarian aspects of protecting the displaced and the role of international humanitarian law.

In addition, take an after-hours tour of “From Solferino to Guantanamo: 145 Years of Red Cross Photography” an international photo exhibit on display through early July. Appetizers and beverages provided. The event is free of charge, but space is limited.

For more information or to RSVP, visit www.seattleredcross.org or call (206) 323-2345 x13607.

Event partners include the Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Seattle Public Library, International Committee of the Red Cross and Musée International de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge. Click here to learn about other “Crisis and Courage: Portraits of Humanity in Conflict” events and workshops.

Back in action with a job opportunity

I'm finally back from Iran, and will provide an update when I've got a chance to gather my thoughts. Short answer is that it was an amazing trip; people were friendly, I got into places and met people I never expected to; tea with an ayatollah, chatting about religion and the relationship between faith and state, is quite an experience to say the least. I'll upload some pictures down the road. For now, how about a job opportunity?

Subject: Presidential Election Campaign - Career Opportunities

Deadline for Applications: June 16, 2008 (New Extended Deadline)

Join Grassroots Campaigns, Inc., working on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and in partnership with MoveOn.org Political Action this election year.

Grassroots Campaigns is running a state-of-the-art voter mobilization effort for the Presidential Election and to expand majorities in the Senate and Congress. Be a part of making history!

We are currently accepting applications from graduating seniors and alumni with leadership experience for paid election campaign positions nationwide beginning ASAP.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated, responsible people who are willing to work hard to achieve positive change. We need goal-oriented, results-driven candidates with leadership ability, good communication skills, and a strong commitment to social change. Candidates need to be strategic, team players, able to work with and motivate a wide range of people, and able to tell a compelling story. Prior political field work is not a requirement; we provide apprenticeship and experience to strong entry-level candidates who are looking for a way to start making a difference through grassroots politics. However, relevant experience is an asset and may qualify applicants for additional leadership responsibility.

Not a Senior? Summer jobs available across the country. Call Sarah at (888) 999-8852 to apply. And check out www.bringchange2008.org to find out more information.

To Apply, E-mail Resume to: Kara Hughes at khughes@grassrootscampaigns.com.

For More Information, visit us at www.grassrootscampaigns.com or call (857) 207-2120.