Monday, October 02, 2006

PG Alum Talk: Mike Lantz '68

Thursday, October 5 at 5 pm in Wyatt 313

What Creates Political Science in the Real World?

A discussion about Political Science from the perspective of someone who has lived it, done it, traveled it, experienced it and continues to be involved in international business.

Come experience Political Science from a real world view which is not covered in textbooks. Get involved in the discussion, ask questions and get a feel for the non-standard approach. See how different aspects of politics, business, sociology, and religion all impact Political Science and our perspective of how we live.

Presented by Mike Lantz, UPS '68, BA Political Science/Business, UPS Law School-JD 77, Boston University Law School-LLM 78. Retired practicing attorney and Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with over 900 hours combat flying time in Vietnam. He currently is the President and CEO of Capstone Manufacturing LLC in Seattle. He has traveled 4 million miles to over 50 countries.

This is another great opportunity to interact with an alum and learn from their experiences. I hope to see you there.