Thursday, October 12, 2006

Spring Break in DC?

PG students (majors, minors, and others):

I've been chatting with a few of you about the possibility of organizing a networking and informational spring break (March 12-16) trip to DC. This would involve our department setting up meetings, social opportunities, and straight-up sightseeing with alums who are in the DC area. This would give students the chance to meet alums "on the ground" to talk about careers, gradschool, and life after UPS in general. You'd be on the hook to pay for the trip, but our department would put together the itinerary and help find affordable flights and housing while there. No faculty looking over your shoulder, just you and other students, past and present.

Are you interested? If so drop me a line, and if we have enough of you who would like to do this we'll start working on it.

And DC alums, if we do get this going, I'll be in touch to ask for your help, so thank you in advance!