Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rookie Awards and Networking

Recently we had a post from Erin Speck '00 on MPA and MPP programs. Much like many of our modest grads, however, Erin didn't share the good news that she was named "rookie of the year" from her firm, SRA, for her support to FEMA for Hurricane Katrina response mission.

And who did I hear this from? Why, Ron Davison '85, who is also working at SRA. When I discovered that there were two alums at SRA I felt like I was quite the man in the know, able to point out to Ron that Erin was at his firm.

Silly me. Erin wrote that she used the ASK Network to find alums in the DC area, and this led to Ron hiring her.

Lesson 1: Networking works!
Lesson 2: Alums are great at helping each other
Lesson 3: I'm out of the loop.