Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kathryn Farmer '98 on Professional Degrees

Kathryn Farmer '98 is currently Admissions Coordinator at the Information School of the University of Washington, and previously worked at other academic institutions in California, including the Naval Postgraduate School. She sends along the following:

"I was at the Friday evening gathering at the Swiss and I mentioned that I would send you an email regarding a group of graduate schools that offer professional Master’s degrees in international relations and public policy. The organization is called APSIA (Association for Professional Schools of International Affairs). Don’t let the "international" word fool you, plenty of them also look at domestic public policy. The link to their website is They are having a grad fair (solely APSIA schools, not part of a larger UW grad fair) in Seattle this year on October 23rd up at UW at 4:00pm – this info is on their website.

The grad fair is a fantastic opportunity to meet admissions reps from 12-15 of the member schools (UW, UCLA, UCSD, U Denver, GWU, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Harvard, Tufts, Duke, etc.) side by side and compare what they have to offer.

When I was in my senior year at UPS I had no idea that such a degree existed - a professional IR Master’s degree? Who would’ve thought? But for students who don’t want law school and don’t know if they want a PhD, this might be a really great alternative.

I’m happy to be a resource for anyone who might have questions about professional master’s programs, what careers you can go into, etc."

Thanks, Katheryn, and it was great to see you and Michael last week.

Update: Here's the formal post:

OCTOBER 23, 2006
4:00-6:00 PM

On Monday, October 23, the Jackson School of International Studies and the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs
(APSIA) will host a campus forum on graduate education in international affairs.

Admissions officers from participating schools will be in HUB Room 108 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm to distribute literature on their schools and answer questions from prospective applicants. Many of the country's best graduate programs in international affairs will be represented; as of today, 19 APSIA schools have pledged to attend.

There is no admission fee, and reservations are not required. Attendees are encouraged to register, however, by visiting the APSIA website
( and clicking on the "Seattle" Forum name. For additional information, call Student Services at the Jackson School of International Studies (206-543-6001).

Schools expected to attend:

American University
University of California, San Diego
Columbia University
University of Denver
Duke University
Georgetown University
The George Washington University
Harvard University
The Johns Hopkins University
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of Minnesota
University of Pittsburgh
Princeton University
University of Southern California
Syracuse University
Tufts University
University of Washington
Yale University