Friday, October 20, 2006

Juniors: Summer Paid Internship at Microsoft

From Professor Ostrom in the English Department, and definitely worth considering:

Tim Lulofs (from Microsoft) and I are trying to jump-start a (well paid) summer-internship in technical writing at Microsoft. This internship will be open to any junior, regardless of major, at UPS....I need your help identifying good candidates. I want to present Tim with a good pool from which to choose. This is a remarkable opportunity for our students, for Microsoft tends not to recruit heavily at liberal-arts colleges. The intern will be working on real projects at Microsoft. The criteria:

1. The student must be a junior this year. Microsoft deliberately designs its internships to occur in the summer after the junior year.
2. The student should write well.
3. The student should have some interest in technology. Tim stresses, however, that the student need not be from computer science, nor even be a “computer geek.” Almost any technological angle is worthy. Perhaps the student works with statistics in a project, for example. At the same time, a computer-science major who writes well would certainly not be ruled out, to say the least.
4. The student should be interested in the possibility of a career in technical writing; however, Tim stresses that “technical writing” now covers an enormous array of writing and editing, especially at Microsoft. Some of the writing is related directly to Microsoft’s platforms and software; some is related to its myriad business-applications; and some is related to its entertainment-division. Many of our students may be thinking too narrowly when they hear the term “technical writing.” And of course the internship could be a stepping-stone to a spectrum of careers at Microsoft or elsewhere.
5. The student’s resume and letter-of-interest should be impeccably edited.

The application-deadline is November 15, 2006. The letters and resumes should be sent directly to . . .

Tim Lulofs
c/o Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond WA 98052-6399

Please encourage juniors who write well to apply, even if “technical writing” isn’t at the top of their Likely Careers list at the moment. Also, please urge them to contact Alana Jardis in Career Development (Howarth Hall) before they apply. Alana is doing great work to help get this internship off the ground. She and I would greatly appreciate any recruitment efforts you could make.