Friday, October 06, 2006


I like old bits of paper--tickets, money, handbills, ballots, whatever. Some years ago I got into collecting privatization vouchers from former communist countries. Most of this stuff winds up in a box somewhere and forgotten. But recently I got a scanner at home, so as time permits I've been digging some of this stuff out and digitizing it. So here's one for you: A dance card from Tacoma High School from 1911.

I bought this some years ago at a local business that did estate liquidation. This came from the belongings of a man who had grown up in Tacoma, gone to medical school in the Midwest, served in WWI, and then returned to Tacoma to set up practice. He had kept all his momentos, from grade school artwork to Christmas cards to cancelled checks. It was a fascinating trove of personal history.

Here's the inside of the dance card, duly filled out (you can click on it for a larger size). I like all the nicknames--Muck, Fuzzy, Subs, Doc. A simpler time.