Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Our Ivy League Alums

By my reckoning we now have three alums currently in graduate school at Harvard, two of which are at the Kennedy School of Government--including Kendall LeVan '05. Kendall offers her help to anyone considering grad school, so email me if you want to get in touch with her.


I thought it was about time that I sent an email to say hello. I have very much enjoyed reading the UPS politics department blog over the last however many months. It is fantastic to hear what everyone is up to in their disparate regions of the world.

I ended up in Cambridge going to the Kennedy School of Government and am finally settling into classes and life on the east coast. While I am enjoying it here immensely (the resources at KSG are amzaing; for example, yesterday I went to a study group with Michael Gerson, President Bush's main speech writer for many years; and last week I went to a film screening with Christiane Amanpour), I must say I miss Tacoma and the laid back attitude of UPS (even Joseph Nye's national security knowledge can't compete with Bill Haltom's Raider's jersey!)

More and more I realize that I wouldn't trade my time there for anything. Most of my fellow classmates went to Harvard College, Brown, Princeton, UPenn and so forth. They find it amazing that I had 8-person classes capable of genuine discussion. In terms of education, community and people, I believe I lucked out.

Anyway, now that I am done being nostalgic, I wanted to a) thank you again for your help in my getting to where I am b) offer myself as a resource if you have any students contemplating graduate programs and/or beginning the application process and c) hear what you are working on at the moment and see if you had any must-reads (I will forever think of you as a great recommender after the thesis class reading list). I think that is all.

Hope all is well in Tacoma, Kendall