Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Opportunities for Minorities from the American Political Science Association

Here are two opportunities for members of minorities who want to go into a doctoral program in political science. If you are interested in either, come see me, drop me an email or give me a call.

Minority Fellowship Deadline - November 6
APSA has doubled support for minority fellowships to 12 funded fellows annually. The APSA Council acted after hearing a report from the Minority Programs Review Committee on the effectiveness of the program in helping to sustain minority student acceptance to and retention in graduate school. The Council also broadened eligibility to include Asian Pacific American students, beginning with the funding round this Fall. Fellows with stipends receive a $4,000 fellowship, disbursed in two $2,000 payments during their graduate studies -- one at the end of their first year and one at the end of their second -- provided that they remain in good academic standing.

The 2007 deadline for applications is Monday, November 6, 2006. Application reviews will commence thereafter and awards will be announced at the end of November.
For more information, see For more information, please contact: Hayle Ziobro at


Minority Identification Project

In 1989, APSA established the Minority Identification (MID) Project as part of its efforts to diversify the political science profession. Faculty members in undergraduate programs are encouraged to contact minority students about careers in political science and then submit the names of promising minority candidates for graduate study to the MID database. Core Schools -- graduate programs participating in the MID Project -- actively recruit students identified in the MID database. The program complements the important efforts already made through the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute and Minority Fellows Program. For more information, visit