Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Homecoming Recap

I haven't had a chance to thank all the alums who turned out for our first PG homecoming at The Swiss. We had alums attend going back to the early sixties, and who had traveled from as far away as Ottawa and Georgia. It was great to see students I had taught upwards of a decade ago and meet folks from long before my time. Good stories from the distant past and from interesting lives lived since graduation. Here are a few pics; you'll find a few more here.

Mark Smith '61 and Professor "Wild Bill" Haltom

Joel Hefty '86, who works advising central banks around the world, with Political Science Association students Chris Pohlad and Jenni Swift. That's Ryan Mello '01 at the far left.

Elaine Bolton '64 and Katheryn (Tolfree) Farmer '98