Thursday, October 26, 2006

Professor Hansen on the West Bank

This fall Professor Hendrik Hansen spent some time in Israel and the West Bank. He sent along a number of photos which you can find here. I've posted a few below with Professor Hansen's captions.

1_entrance to Bethlehem

Golan Heights, on the border with Syria

4_graffiti in Ramallah

"Checkpoint Atarot, between Ramallah and Jerusalem (it's forbidden to take photos there, that's why it is not straight)

"A view from the Dominus flevit church on the Dome of the Rock (which is close to the Al Aksa Mosque). Dominus Flevit Church is on the Mount of Olives; the church's name is Latin for "The Lord wept". Jesus cried here when he arrived in Jerusalem and predicted the destruction of the Temple, which was destroyed in the year 70 CE (Luke 19, 37-42)."