Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Principia College Public Affairs Conference

Another conference opportunity. Want to go? Let us know.

I would like to inform you of Principia College's 58th Public Affairs Conference (PAC), entitled Is Democracy the Global Solution? Navigating Democratic Ideals and Realities.

First held in 1939, Principia's PAC is the oldest student-run conference
of its kind. Its purpose is to inspire active citizenship and participation in public affairs by creating a forum in which students nationwide come together to examine vital contemporary issues with their peers. The conference is designed to allow students to interact with a host of distinguished speakers, notable academicians, and accomplished professionals by means of lectures, expert panels, and solutions-oriented workshop groups.

This year's PAC will be held from Thursday, April 12th to Saturday, April 14th 2007. The conference will explore the many facets of democratization and seek to answer questions such as: Are elections the best indicator of democracy? Are democracy and liberty the same thing? Is democracy culturally exclusive? Will democracy lead to a more peaceful world? This year delegates will get to hear from a diverse range of panelists and speakers. Marc Howard, associate professor at the Center for Democracy and Civil Society at Georgetown University and author of The Weakness of Civil Society in Post-Communist Europe, will be our keynote speaker. Other featured speakers include Amy Chua, author of the best-selling book, World on Fire, and Professor of Law at Yale Law School. In addition, a panel of experts will explore in-depth the current cases of Iraq and Afghanistan, as post-9/11 transitions.

Delegates will have the opportunity to engage in workshops to develop solutions to the many questions posed throughout the conference and to present these proposals in a multi-media format.

In January, I will be sending you a packet of brochures with more information about our conference. Please distribute this information to students who may be interested in attending PAC. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit our website at www.prin.edu/pac.

I appreciate your help in generating interest among potential delegates. If you have questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact me or Executive Directors Sarah Andrews and Jessica Morton.

Jordan Vivian
Director of Off-Campus Delegates.
Email: jordan.vivian@principia.edu
Phone: (248) 891-5441