Friday, November 17, 2006

Global Institute for Leadership and Civic Development

An interesting variant on study abroad, especially for those who don't want to give up a whole semester.

Global Institute for Leadership and Civic Development

Become a Global Leader and Study Abroad

Our programs are comprehensive in nature and incorporate all of the essential components: summer study abroad, academic courses, international participants, leadership training, and community service.

International Participants
Over the last seven years, we have trained hundreds of students from over 45 different countries. Each program typically includes student from 15-20 different countries. Surrounding yourself with students from around the world allows you the unique opportunity to learn not only about the host country but a diverse range of cultures. In this environment, you will learn the true meaning of global citizenship and your relationship to it.

Dynamic Instructors
Our instructors are hand picked for their expertise in their field, interactive teaching style, and international experience. In addition, most of our instructors work towards making systemic change. For example, Petra Hejnova, Coordinator and Instructor for the Prague program, is the former Director of the Gender Studies Center in Prague and has delivered reports to the United Nations regarding the status of women in the Czech Republic.

Commitment to Academic Excellence
An essential part of becoming a global citizen is gaining knowledge. We offer specially designed courses which focus on issues of global importance. Through each course, students are challenged to grapple with the significance, consequence, and relevance of course concepts not only to themselves but to the world around them.

Our courses are not lecture-style. Quite the contrary, they are highly interactive, utilizing experiential learning, guest lectures, and fieldtrips.

Community Service
During our programs, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the local community. These activities are not only rewarding, but allow you to put theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to practical use. Past projects include working with: Klicek Children's Hospice, Rolnicka School for the Disabled, and Veseli nad Luznici Flood Recovery Project.

Multiple Locations
While each program retains the same structure and philosophy, each has its own courses. This allows participants to attend multiple programs in exciting locations. Past participants from the Prague program have gone on to attend our programs in Bologna and Cuba.

Future Leadership Positions
Each summer, we promote past participants to become Student Coordinators. These internships allow participants to take their leadership skills to a new level. Past participants have even gone on to create their own programs! We are very proud of Vladimir Mladjenovic (Yugoslavia) and Luis Lopez (Mexico) who created and served as the Co-Directors for the 2004 Global Education Program in Cuba. Daniel Epstein (US/Canada) and Michael Forte (US)are also working on creating our first US program!

Aside from our leadership opportunities within our organization, several students have gained scholarships and entrance into other leading programs through letters of recommendation from our Instructors.