Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Faculty/Alum Blog Roundup

A fresh helping of bloggy goodness:

At Security Dilemmas, Professor Weinberger asks whether Iraq is now in a full-out state of civil war;

At Peace Corps Guyana Is Going To Rock My World, Mark Hejinian '05 recounts his recent work among remote Amerindian communities;

At Bullsh*t Observer, Todd Anthony '90 is sick and tired of the "For Dummies" genre but has a few additions he thinks could round out the offerings;

At Exit 133, Derek Young '96 wants everyone to rock downtown Tacoma on November 16 and check out Matador (which should be open by then);

At The Senate Site, Ric Cantrell '96 has a post from one Utah Senator on end of summer gardening;

And at Korby Parnell's Social Software Wunderkammer, Korby Parnell '94 has a post on "Mind Camp," which the Seattle PI describes as an event where folks "discuss the latest trends in digital music, blogging, art, medicine, video games, and whatever else comes up in a 24-hour caffeine-fueled brain dump."