Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alum Update: Chris Kenny '90

This in from Chris Kenny '90 by way of Professor Share:

It’s hard to believe we haven’t talked since I graduated, although I think I caught one of your bluegrass shows here in Portland in the early ‘90s at La Luna. As for me, career-wise I’ve tried a few different paths and now work as a senior writer at an interactive marketing agency (www.overlandagency.com).

Although it’s a different kind of writing, I attribute a good deal of my skills to the rigors of the UPS P&G department and especially your weekly 3-page paper regimen. Like a lot of my peers, I was caught up in the Internet craze—moved to San Francisco, worked for a couple of start-ups, made some big dough and spent it all—it wasn’t unlike a Latin American quagmire. Prior to that (and immediately after leaving UPS) I spent about 7 years doing medical research at OHSU (and did some graduate work in epidemiology), and worked a biotech company in Portland.

That said, don’t think I haven’t remained a life-long student of political science—and especially Latin America! I still dream about the academic life and haven’t entirely ruled it out. I’d love to come take a course from you in London (Professor Share is leading the university's study abroad in London this year--Prof. O'Neil).

Watching the outcome of the elections in Nicaragua brought back great memories of that trip.

Chris Kenny picking coffee, Nicaragua, 1989

Don sent along a picture from Chris on the Latin American study tour in Nicauragua in 1989, and Chris a newer portrait.

Chris Kenny, 2006