Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Course for Spring 07

Professor Haltom will be offering PG 440A in the Spring 2007 schedule on
T 14:00-15:20 in WY307. I have posted the department description below, though anyone interested should consult Professor Haltom directly to find out about the details.

PG 440 Seminar in Modern Political Thought
This senior seminar is designed to allow students to seriously engage with recent trends in political theory. Although topics will vary some potential themes include concepts of power, democratic theory, and contemporary theories of identity and subjectivity. The aim of this seminar is to develop students' skills in political theory methods including textual analysis, theoretical criticism, identifying and engaging contrasting theoretical approaches as well as creating clear analytical questions for theoretical writing. Seminar readings and assignments will assist students in creating a final senior thesis on a topic created under the guidance of the instructor.

Prerequisite: PG 104, major concentration in political theory, PG 250, and senior standing or permission of instructor.