Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I got an email from Clay Loges '68 who writes:

"I’m a Political Science graduate of 1968. and I was heavy into student government including serving as student body president in the R. Franklin Thompson days.

I spent the decade of the 90’s building a telecom business in Russia up to the point I was managing 800+ employees in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk (Belarus), and Tashkent (Uzbekistan). I’ve got lots of observations from those experiences, because I went from the Soviet era through being in Moscow for the Coup. My secondary business was a FM radio station with the most powerful signal in the St. Petersburg (Russia) market."

Since then he's been involved in a new web-based service called Yodio, which allows you to make short audio tracks from anywhere and post them to the web. Clay writes that "we really need testers to help us "smooth out" the site and its functionality. There is much more to come with this site, but first we want to get it right with the recording, photo processing, and playback." So give it a spin and let them know what you think.

Being the lover of all new things techy that I am, I tried it out myself. Pretty fun--turn on your speakers and click on the button underneath the picture below.