Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Paid Internship: Cascade Land Conservancy

This just in from Ryan Mello '01, Pierce County Conservation Director for the Cascade Land Conservancy. The internship strikes me as a great opportunity for some temporary work that provides good practical experience. They want someone to start as soon as possible, so an eager applicant has a good shot at this. If you are interested, contact Ryan directly at
253.274.4955 or 253.861.8356.

Cascade Land Conservancy
Job Description

Title: Agricultural Project Intern
Supervisor: Project Manager
Location: Tacoma/Seattle
Duration: 20 hours a week for 2-4 months
Start Date: Immediately

Summary of Position
The Intern will be responsible for supporting the work of the Project Manager.
This position consists of both primary (required) duties and secondary (discretionary) functions, to be carried out as time permits.

Goal of Position
Work with Project Manager to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a cooperatively-run community supported agriculture (CSA) program managed through the Tacoma Farmers Market.

Primary duties
  • Assist with Assessing Pierce County/Tacoma food system
  • Assist in researching stakeholders to be interviewed
  • Interview representatives from low-income consumers, food banks and other NGOs specializing in food security/community nutrition
  • Interview local businesses and local consumers to gather input on the food system
  • Interview other stakeholder to gather information to assess food system
  • Assist with Interviewing Community Supported Agriculture peer communities
  • Assist in researching CSA peer communities to be interviewed
  • Interview CSA peer communities to find successful CSA business models
Secondary duties
  • Assist with meeting preparation: PowerPoint, handouts, etc.
  • Assist with preparation for Conservation Committee meetings
  • Maintain spreadsheet/database of work completed
  • Other project work as requested
1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills
2. Ability to communicate with courteousness and professionalism to a diverse array of people
3. Attention to detail and ability to organize and manage diverse and multiple activities, set priorities, and remain flexible under pressure.
4. Strong computer skills, including experience with database, word processing, spreadsheet, and graphics software.
5. Willingness to work some non-standard hours.
6. Enthusiasm and commitment to Cascade Land Conservancy’s mission

1. Experience in or knowledge of Pierce County/City of Tacoma agricultural or food issues.