Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Watson Fellowship

This just came in. If you're interested in the Watson, check out the blog of Greg Groggel, who is currently on a Watson and scooting across the globe.

To: Faculty Colleagues
Fr: Priti Joshi, Faculty Liaison, Watson Fellowship Program
Re: Watson Application deadline

Please announce in your classes that have seniors that the Watson application deadline is Friday, Oct 6 at noon. The applications are due in the Fellowships office in Howarth 215.

The Watson Fellowship is a highly competitive national fellowship that provides students with a $25,000 grant to pursue a year of travel outside the United States working on an innovative project. The Watson foundation supports students who demonstrate curiosity and independent
thinking and projects that develop a young person's travel, communication and leadership skills. The program is highly selective, not only in the students it picks, but also in the roughly 50 colleges it invites as participating institutions. Puget Sound has been a "Watson school" since 1992 and we have been extremely successful in those years with one or two winners almost every year since 1994.

If you or your students have any questions about the Watson program, please feel free to contact me at pjoshi@ups.edu (x3515). Thank you. "