Monday, September 25, 2006


This came to me from Tacoma City Council Member Julie Anderson. I was told that students are welcome to this event, and in working on the Yes on 3 Campaign as well. I know that some of our majors are interested in Instant Runoff Voting, so here's your chance to learn more about it from the inside. We've also had students intern with Julie Anderson in past, and she'll be certain to put you to work on real issues related to city politics. So if you are interested in that opportunity do let me know.

I am teaming up with Citizens for a Better Ballot to bring former Congressman and presidential candidate John Anderson to Tacoma to discuss Pierce County Charter Amendment 3, which would implement Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) for county elections. IRV is a real – but controversial – alternative to our new “Pick-a-Party Primary.” Mr. Anderson is a strong supporter of IRV and a longtime advocate for improving American democracy.

When: Saturday October 7th, 3-5pm
Where: Home of Julie Anderson (Whitworth Literary Society Hall)
4604 North 38th Street
Tacoma WA 98407
(At the corner of North Cheyenne and North 38th, behind Sherman Elementary)

For more information, contact Ryan Griffin at (253) 228-1991 or

John Anderson was one of the most successful independent presidential candidates in U.S. history, receiving over six million votes in 1980. Prior to his presidential run, Mr. Anderson served ten terms in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 16th District in Illinois. Mr. Anderson is currently a professor of constitutional law at Nova Southeastern University and Chairman of FairVote -- The Center for Voting and Democracy. He is a frequent lecturer and expert commentator on issues of electoral reform, United Nations reform, foreign affairs, American politics, and independent candidacies. He also writes regularly on the role of Congress in both domestic and international affairs.

For information about Instant Runoff Voting, visit Citizens for a Better Ballot - 1119 Pacific Ave. #1103, Tacoma, WA 98402 or

Julie Anderson
253-761-3602 (home office) new e-mail!
4604 North 38th Street new address!
Tacoma WA 98407

Council Member Julie Anderson
253-591-5108 (City Hall)
747 Market Street, Room 1200
Tacoma WA 98402-3766