Monday, March 31, 2008

National Education for Women's Leadership Puget Sound Workshop

What is NEW Leadership Puget Sound?

NEW (National Education for Women's) Leadership Puget Sound is an intensive six-day institute open to students who attend university or college in the Puget Sound region or who have a permanent residence here. The next leadership institute is scheduled for June 2008.

The NEW Leadership curriculum is designed to:
* Cultivate leadership skills
* Connect participants with women leaders who make a difference in civic life and the public sphere
* Help students explore the demands and rewards of leadership in a diverse society
* Empower students to practice leadership through action

During the institute students will:
* Meet with interesting and active women who are leaders in their communities, non-profit organizations, local and state government, and businesses
* Receive interactive skills training on public speaking, fundraising, negotiation & conflict resolution, diversity and networking
* Develop valuable social networks with peers and mentors

Graduates of the institute will receive information and assistance to help them continue to grow as leaders through involvement with the NEW Leadership Alumnae Association.

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