Monday, March 31, 2008

IHS Summer Programs

We've had students do these before and spoke well of them--

The Institute for Humane Studies will be extending the deadline to apply for our summer conferences to April 6, 2008. We know it is a busy time in the semester and we wanted to give your students an extra week to submit an application. Please let them know about this extension.

I also wanted to pass along information about the interesting lectures we’ve lined up for the Liberty & Society seminar series. These seminars go beyond the basics to explore more sophisticated arguments for liberty, offering participants the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in their studies.

This year the Liberty & Society seminars will focus on the history of classical liberal thought and its application to current issues, addressing topics such as:

* Egalitarianism vs. Individualism -- Discuss the debate between Rawls vs. Nozick and other thinkers.
* American Revolution and the Civil War -- Examine the importance of classical liberal ideas in understanding the history not only of the American Founding but the of Civil War as well.
* Public Choice and Education -- Address the school choice debate from a public choice economics perspective. Which interest groups benefit from keeping schools the way they are?
* Economic Freedom of the World Index -- Hear an economist speak about his work on the 2007 Economic Freedom of the World Index. Are there correlations between freedom and international development?

We’re also hosting 11 other conferences this summer on globalization, social change, the free press, and more. Visit for more information, including dates, locations, and a full list of topics. Participation is free. IHS provides housing, meals, and books during the seminar.

Best Wishes,


Keri Anderson
Student Coordinator
Institute for Humane Studies