Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Linz Heppe '07 Update

First, Linz has set up her own blog that we've added to the blogroll:

And here's what she's been up to of late and some suggestions for our current students:

I have recently accepted an internship position at the Protection Project (thanks former PG'er Sherrie Caltagirone for this connection--Professor O'Neil), a human rights organization dedicated to the elimination of trafficking in persons, especially women and children. Specifically, the PP focuses on the protection of human security, especially women's and children's rights; the fostering of civil society and NGO development; the enhancement of the rule of law using a bottom-up approach; the advancement of human rights education; and the elimination of trafficking in persons.The organization in located at the John's Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC. I will begin the internship mid-January, and will be focusing on human rights issues in the Middle East.

I will continue my Arabic language studies in Williamsburg, VA, and will pick it up again at a University in DC upon arrival. Learning Arabic has been on my agenda for awhile now. I ultimately want to work for the State Dept, DHS, CIA or any other organization that specializes in counterterrorism. Hopefully my studies will take me to the Middle East for some face-to-face contact/dialogue with Iraqis/Egyptians. I want to REALLY understand what is happening on the ground- researching (from books)- is not enough to make effective policy suggestions or decisions.

So here are some suggestions: really put yourself out there. There are numerous opportunities in Tacoma/Seattle. Visit mosques/temples, set up round-table events, get an internship, make presentations, do REAL RESEARCH (this means primary)- don't just lock yourself up in the library. Apply to scholarships and research grants. Almost any agency will chose a well-rounded individual with experience over the straight-A student. And once you get your foot in the door the rest of the opportunities will come knocking.

Hazzan saaeedan (Good luck!)