Monday, April 07, 2008

Social Compact (still) wants to hire you--

We first got this some time back; looks like no one took them up on it. A job and an interesting spot on your resume? Check it out.


My name is Carolina Valencia and I am the Associate Director of Research at Social Compact. Social Compact is a not for profit organization that promotes economic development in low income neighborhoods by providing data that highlights economic opportunity. Feel free to visit our modest website at

We were recently hired to conduct an analysis about grocery, convenience and corner stores in Washington State.

I have been successful at finding research assistants in most cities where we need help. However, I have not found anyone that can help with our research in Tacoma.

Ideally we are looking for 1 or more persons that can dedicate a total of approximately 100 hrs in a 2 month period. The hrs are flexible. I was wondering if you could help me by

1. sharing the information about this research opportunity with local groups/ students to see if any interested parties contact us
2. tell me where is a good place where I can post this job opportunity

I appreciate your help very much.

Social Compact, a not for profit organization promoting investments in inner-city neighborhoods, will conduct an analysis on residents\' access to grocery providers across Washington State. With this purpose in mind, we are looking for honest, trustworthy, enthusiastic people to make great money while gathering information from local grocery stores. Must have own transportation. If you are interested please contact Carolina Valencia, Associate Director of Research at NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE! There is no minimum number of hours required and students can work according to their own schedule. It is a wonderful opportunity to earn some extra cash. Salary: $10/hr.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Carolina Valencia Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research
Social Compact
738 7th St SE
Washington DC, 20003
202 547 2581

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