Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Loggers for Global AIDS Prevention

I gave ten bucks--you? Pretty amazing what our students can do if they put their minds to it--here's an earlier article about this from The Trail.

Loggers for Global Aids Prevention is a new student club this year led by Shira Goldstein; our mission is to build and run an HIV clinic in Ghana, one of all too many areas afflicted by a serious HIV epidemic.

Right now, we own a piece of land and a set of building permits in Ghana to put this clinic on and we've got a group of volunteers (both UPS students, and volunteers from a Canadian group called Volunteers Abroad) committed to build the clinic this summer. All we need is the money for building supplies. Our goal is to raise $10,000 this month and we're really close; if everyone in the UPS community donates just $5 (or even less than that - any amount helps), then none of our wallets will suffer very badly and it will make a huge difference for a lot of people in Ghana.

There will be an LGAP table near the dish return in the SUB every day this week during lunch time; we accept donations there and will also provide pre-labeled envelopes with our campus mailbox number for those who do not carry cash during lunch time. Thanks to everyone for their support!