Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Rolling admissions up through June. Check it out here.

PolitiCorps is a 10-week political boot camp. It’s the springboard from academic study to making a real difference.

PolitiCorps is the only program of its kind - a political immersion and leadership training program designed to engage and prepare college students and recent graduates for a life of public service through a combination of skills and policy classes, intensive field work, strategic planning exercises, and access to a broad network of activists, strategists, and policymakers.

PolitiCorps has 3 goals:

Make an impact in the short term.

Fellows spend field time on all aspects of grassroots organizing, making an immediate difference in Oregon’s political landscape.

Develop leaders for the long term.

PolitiCorps is a leadership pipeline — exposing Fellows to a vast network organizations and relationships to give them a running start at careers that serve the public interest.

Incubate creative and innovative ideas.

Through "Project: Blueprint" proposals, Fellows have a creative outlet to develop strategic planning skills, and design innovative grassroots programs or public policy ideas.