Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Progressive Policy Institute Internships, Washington DC

Progressive Policy Institute Internships Washington, D.C.
Location: Washington, D.C.

Defense and Foreign Policy Internships
PPI advocates a new progressive internationalism: a U.S. leadership role, in conjunction with allies and mult ilateral organization, aimed at promoting political and economic freedom, resolving dangerous regional conflicts, and dealing with new threats to peace and security like terrorism, cyber-warfare, and chemical and biological warfare.

Economic Policy Internships
PPI advocates fiscal discipline, a progressive tax system free of special-interest subsidies, and government budgets that emphasize investments in the country's long-term well-being.

Education Policy Internships
The 21st Century Schools Project develops public policies to modernize American schools and ensure that all students are prepared for success in the knowledge economy.

Energy and Environmental Policy Internships
PPI advocates using performance-based, market-oriented, and civic-minded strategies to drive continuous and efficient improvement in environmental quality.

Health Care Policy Internships
PPI wants to create an Information Age health care system in which every American has the resources to purchase private health insurance in a marketplace where health plans and providers compete on the basis of both quality and cost.

Social Policy Internships
PPI believes in strengthening communities by engaging local, private institutions in government service delivery, and by devolving decision-making powers to local communities in exchange for accountability for nationally-defined results.

Technology & New Economy Policy Internships
PPI supports efforts to spread productivity-enhancing technologies to every industry, community and family, while equipping every American with the knowledge, skills and other resources! needed to succeed in the New Economy.

Trade Policy Internships
PPI believes we must shape globalization to reflect our interests and values, through a combination of open trade, international rules, and efforts to provide Americans with the tools they need to compete and succeed.

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