Monday, October 27, 2014

Match Corps in the News!

Dear Friends of Match Corps,

We hope that your 2014-15 academic year has gotten off to a strong start!  Here at Match, we are already deep into the swing of the college application process for our graduating class, gathering data on our students' first six weeks of learning, and of course, recruiting your soon-to-be-graduates to work with our students next year through the Match Corps.

We're writing to ask that you could forward the article below to any senior you know who may be interested in spending a year in Boston working with inner-city students in a high-performing, high-poverty school.

The article is from Detroit's Bridge Magazine.  It features current high school Corps member and Match Teacher Resident Lindsey Holmes.  Ms. Holmes grew up in Detroit, and graduated from Spelman College in the spring of 2014.  She is training to be high school English teacher, and hopes to open her own school, in Detroit, someday.  You can go directly to the article here.

We are accepting applications for the 2015-16 programs, so we'd really appreciate if you can spread the word to your students who are graduating soon!  The article might be a way to spark their interest. Students can apply here.

If you're not very familiar with the Match Corps and our Teacher Residency option, you can learn more at

Sara Colón & the Match Recruiting Team