Monday, October 27, 2014

Interesting Opportunity for Puget Sound Students

Hello Professor O'Neil,

You may remember me from Methods & Analysis a few years back. I graduated from Puget Sound in 2012 with a degree with Politics, emphasis in Political Theory.  I am now living & working in Ecuador with an organization called Community Enterprise Solutions, which uses microfinance to empower women economically, while simultaneously providing needed technologies (mainly public health related) to rural villages. 

During the summer, we also help coordinate Social Entrepreneur Corps (SE Corps), the social enterprise that we partner with. SE Corps is a summer internship opportunity for college aged students to do on the ground work with the MicroConsignment Model that we use. 

The students that do SE Corps go out in the field with us to do campaigns for Community Enterprise Solutions, propose business ideas, and help evaluate the effectiveness & reach of our programming. The program is about 8 weeks long, includes intensive Spanish classes at the beginning, and various home stays and projects throughout. 

I thought that SE Corps sounded like the perfect opportunity for UPS students, especially those interested in politics/Latin America. I just wanted to pass this along to you!

 Please let me know if you have any questions about the program!

Here's a link to the program website & overview about what the program includes: