Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meridian Fellowship: Deadline 2/7

Meridian Fellowship

 Since 2011, the Meridian Fellowship Program has provided recent college graduates to work on varied and highly complex public policy issues, learn about the field of multi-party collaborative problem solving, and engage with leaders from a variety of sectors and interest groups. For two years Meridian Fellows work in an active, exciting, and dynamic professional environment that enhances their ability to think critically about complex issues, identify and respond appropriately to individual concerns in challenging situations, actively manage numerous tasks toward the final completion of a project, and improve their writing, research, and communication skills.

Meridian Institute professionals combine extensive experience in collaborative process design, deep substantive knowledge, and proven mediation skills to help people engaged in society’s toughest issues to solve problems and make informed decisions. At  Meridian, we design collaborative approaches that bring together people who  understand the issues and have a stake in their resolution. In addition to process design, facilitation, mediation, and strategy assessment and planning, Meridian offers expert administrative and meeting logistics services and the creative and appropriate  application of information technology tools, to support our projects. Some of the topics  we work on include:

• Agriculture and Food Security
• Climate Change and Energy
• Environment and Natural Resources
• Global Stability and Security
• Health
• Sustainability and Resilience
• Science and Technology

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