Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wintergrass 2009 is coming soon--

From Professor Sousa. See you there? It's great just to wander around and watch folks jam.

I wanted to spread the word about Wintergrass, the terrific bluegrass festival held in downtown Tacoma each year. This year, the event takes place between February 19 and Februrary 22. The festival attracts great, national acts—30 bands—and in the evening there are shows and dances taking place at several venues. Most of the bands play a few shows on different stages over the weekend—I’m going to follow the SteelDrivers wherever they go! For the musically-inclined there are workshops, and there’s endless jamming all over the place. Even if you don’t play or listen to much bluegrass, this is something to see (and hear)—a really interesting slice of life. Information about the event, venues, schedule, and ticket prices is at

A bit of video I shot last year to get you in the mood.