Thursday, February 05, 2009

Facebook and get scammed--or worse

A cautionary tale from CNN:

While reports of extortion and false impersonation have been common in phony phone calls and fake e-mails, similar fraud hasn't been reported on Facebook until recently. Now a number of complaints are surfacing.

In response to the trend, the Better Business Bureau in late January issued a warning intended for Facebook's 150 million users: know who your friends are and keep your sensitive information private, the consumer advocate group said, according to CNN affiliate KMGH in Denver.

In the Seattle case, a hacker appeared to steal Rutberg's identity to get money from his friends by toying with their emotions.

In Wisconsin, police accuse an 18-year-old man of posing as a woman on Facebook to get high school boys to send him naked photos of themselves.

Of course, needless to say that I first found this article because someone had linked to it on Facebook.