Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Buy your internship? Hmm.

From Slate and the Wall Street Journal (hat tip: Professor Sousa):

An outfit called the University of Dreams guarantees placement or your money back. Summer-internship fees (the University of Dreams prefers to call it "tuition") ran ge from $5,499 to $9,499. For 3 percent extra, you can pay on an installment plan....Like the University of Dreams, Fast Track Internships offers a money-back guarantee. Its Web site boasts that it can tap into 85 percent of all internships that are never advertised, a proposition that suggests divine omniscience. Prices range from $799 for an unpaid internship to $999 for a paid internship to $1,999 for a full-time job.

Read the whole thing here. Students, if you want an internship, let the department know--don't go this route.