Monday, November 10, 2014

Match Corps looking for Seniors interested in teaching

My name is Cassandra Marcelin and I’m a Recruitment Manager at Match Education, an education non-profit organization based in Boston, MA.  Match is searching for elite college graduates from top colleges and universities in America to apply for Match Corps and the Sposato Graduate School of Education in Boston, MA.

These programs are highly selective, with an 8% hire rate.  Match Corps members and students at Sposato Graduate School of Education are high-achievers with a relentless work ethic.  Match Corps members span a wide range of career interests from medicine and law to education administration, teaching, and policy.

The Match Corps is a one-year urban education fellowship program that pairs recent college graduates from top universities with a small caseload of Match students whom they work with in small group or 1-on-1 tutorials over the course of each day, providing close academic support and building relationships to guarantee the academic success of their Match students. The Sposato Graduate School of Education is a two-year graduate program where members participate in a teacher training program that prepares them to teach in “No Excuses” urban classrooms.  Those who successfully complete this program, will earn their license to teach and a Master’s in Effective Teaching (MET).

 Candidates for the Match Corps or the Sposato Graduate School of Education usually fall into one of these categories of students who want to:

1)      Be highly effective educators in urban schools.

2)      Devote a year to service before grad school, law school, or medical school.

3)      Get involved in education reform or public policy and want a one-year opportunity to experience life in the schools in an authentic and meaningful way.

4)      Transition into a career in the non-profit or education sector.
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Cassandra Marcelin
Recruitment Manager
Match Education
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