Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kate's Kitchen at the Proctor Farmers Market

To: Professor Karl Fields and Professor Patrick H O'Neil

I hope this year is treating you both well. I have good news.....my
food stand, Kate's Kitchen, is debuting this Saturday, April 2nd, at
the Proctor Farmers Market. We are making Pad Thai, Thai Iced Tea,
and Spring Rolls using local ingredients at the market.

I'm not sure how kosher this is, but I was wondering if you can help
me spread the words around the P&G department. I have always wanted to
make it on Professor O'Neil's blog post :)

Kate Trinh '10

PS Don't worry I still have my day job. The food stand is only a side
project. I got really bored with the mundane 40 hour work week. I
might go back to school soon....I can't decide between computer
programming or business so I thought that I would take on this project
first to see if I like business :)