Tuesday, March 08, 2011

2011 Summer Internships: DC Internships with Washington Legislators

From alum Rebecca Bryant:

I wanted to follow up to let you know that our office is still accepting intern applications. With the new Ranking Member position, we have been updating the website and are still in the process of doing so, so I wanted to reach out to you with some information to pass along to UPS students so that they have the correct information.

The deadline for the summer internships is April 5, 2011. The application can be found online at the following link:


The Smith office here in DC will be looking for 3 interns this summer, one full-time paid, and two part time volunteer.

I have also complied a list of the various intern coordinators in each of the Washington State offices, and included that below.

Hope all is well back in the other Washington!


Sen. Patty Murray 202-224-2621

Intern Coordinator: Amaia Kirtland amaia­_kirtland@murray.senate.gov or dcinternship@murray.senate.gov

Sen. Maria Cantwell 202-224-3441

Intern Coordinator: Laura Gray laura_gray@cantwell.senate.gov

Rep. Jay Inslee 202-225-6311

Intern Coordinator: Casey Katims casey.katims@mail.house.gov

Rep. Rick Larson 202-225-2605

Intern Coordinator: Ben Byers ben.byers@mail.house.gov

Rep. Herrera Butler 202-225-3536

Intern Coordinator: Jordan Evich Jordan.evich@mail.house.gov

Rep. Doc Hastings 202-225-5816

Intern Coordinator: Illene Clauson Illene.clauson@mail.house.gov

Rep. McMorris Rodgers 202-225-2006

Intern Coordinator: Ginyoung Lee ginyoung.lee@mail.house.gov

Rep. Norm Dicks 202-225-5916

Intern Coordinator: Natasha Wortham natasha.wortham@mail.house.gov

Rep. Jim McDermott 202-225-3106

Intern Coordinator: Jacqueline Gosnell Jacqueline.gosnell@mail.house.gov

Rep. Dave Reichert 202-225-7761

Intern Coordinator: Clinton Hershiser Clinton.hershiser@mail.house.gov