Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Invisible Children Screening: Monday, March 28th

Hello Professors, Faculty, and Staff!

Our school’s Invisible Children club is hosting a screening on Monday, March 28th. This screening features roadies from the Invisible Children organization and a Ugandan speaker to inform students and the community on this very current and prevalent issue. We would greatly appreciate the passing of information for this event and encourage possibly offering extra credit to incite attendance.

The Invisible Children club at University of Puget Sound is dedicated to supporting the greater Invisible Children movement through fundraising and spreading awareness to the student body and surrounding Tacoma community. The Invisible Children organization began as an effort to improve the social conditions of former child soldiers and evolved into a massive organization that aims to ease the sufferings of the Northern Ugandan Alcholi People caused by the civil war. The LRA, (Lords Resistance Army), led by Joseph Kony, began abducting child soldiers when he waged war on the Ugandan government. This twenty three year long civil war has been destroying the lives of the Northern Ugandan Acholi people, who are being abused by both the rebel army and their own government.

Recently, Joseph Kony and his followers have fled Uganda and began to terrorize innocent civilians from neighboring countries, Central African Republic, the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This most recent tour is named the Congo tour because the Invisible Children Organization is now focused on protecting the people most vulnerable in the Congo by setting up radio towers that will warn civilians with the LRA is near and establishing rehabilitation centers for those people who were tortured by the LRA.

The Invisible Children club feels there is a moral responsibility to raise awareness and funds to combat these massive violations of human rights and hope that the Puget Sound Community will support and publicize our cause. Below is our poster and a link leading to the trailer for our movie.

Thank you for your participation, and we hope to see you this upcoming Monday!

Link to the trailer: Please help us spread the word!

Sarah Webb
University of Puget Sound '12
Sustainability Services Program Coordinator
Co-President- Invisible Children Club