Thursday, October 22, 2009

ASK Night

Help your students connect with Puget Sound alumni…please urge your students to attend ASK Night! You can forward the message below to your students.

Why network?

Dr. Phil Gardner, the national expert on the college job market recently visited campus. He emphasized two important issues that students need to know as they prepare to enter the job market:
1. “Building and maintaining professional networks is an essential skill required by employers.”

2. “The primary way employers are hiring is through networking.”

So, you’ll need effective networking skills to find a job. And, once you are employed, you will be expected to network as part of your job. Now is the time to build your professional networks.

Practice your networking skills, and make valuable connections with Puget Sound alumni at:

Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) Night 2009
Thursday, Nov. 5: drop by anytime between 7:00 and 8:30 p.m.
Wheelock Rotunda

Light snacks provided.

ASK Night is an opportunity for students to:

· Make contacts/network with alumni professionals in a wide variety of careers

· Connect with and seek advice from alumni

· Hear about what others have done with their Puget Sound education

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We’ll see you there! Kris

Kris Hay
Communications Coordinator
Career and Employment Services
University of Puget Sound