Friday, April 03, 2009

Upcoming talk: NAFTA turns 15

NAFTA Turns 15
Free Trade, Food Security and Migration in Mexico

Monday, April 6th, 4 pm, Trimble Forum

Baldemar Mendoza Jiménez, agro-ecologist with the Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez, Oaxaca, has participated in the informational campaign regarding the contamination of native corn by genetically modified corn. He is a promoter of sustainable agriculture using the farmer to farmer method to attain food sovereignty in the working groups that UNOSJO assists, as well as in communities where their organization has a presence.

Take a deeper look at the effects of NAFTA, including resistance to genetically modified (GMO) corn, the impact of migration on sending communities, and the struggle for food security in Oaxaca's indigenous communities. This event is open to the public. Professional interpretation
(Spanish-English) provided.