Monday, April 06, 2009

Professor Weinberger in Kurdistan

No, not Seth Weinberger, his father, Professor Jerry Weinberger, who is currently teaching at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani (AUIS). An excerpt from his first dispatch:

AUIS was closed the day before, too, which by contrast was filled with raucous festivities commemorating the 18th anniversary of the Kurdish uprising against Saddam—the Kurdish Fourth of July: beautiful girls decked out in colorful Kurdish garb, loudspeakers blaring, big crowds in social halls. As I walked in the swirl, I couldn’t go far without young men coming up to ask where I was from and shake my hand. “U.S./Washington D.C.” elicited replies such as: “America and Kurdistan good friends,” or “White House.” One young man even said: “Jack Bauer.” But invariably, they would ask: “How you like Suli?” while simply bursting with pride in their freedom and their city.

Read the whole thing here.