Friday, April 17, 2009

4/23: Afghan Dean of Law to talk on Sharia

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Afghan Law School Dean to Speak on New Islamic Law and Women’s Rights

TACOMA, Wash. – Dean Gran, dean of the Kabul Shari'a Faculty (Kabul School of Islamic Law), will give a talk addressing a new law passed in Afghanistan that expands Shi'ite men’s rights over women. The controversial new law has been condemned by many in Afghanistan and internationally for severely restricting the rights of Shi'ite women and for turning the country toward a renewed totalitarianism of religious extremists. The talk, “Islamic Law and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan,” will start at 3:30 p.m., Thursday, April 23, in Wyatt Hall, Room 109. The public is welcome to attend. Admission is complimentary.

Gran, who heads the oldest and most prestigious Faculty of Islamic Law in Afghanistan, will follow his talk with an extensive discussion and question-and-answer session. Details of the new law came to light this month and set off an extraordinary public debate on the once-taboo topic of religion and sex in the conservative Muslim nation. Critics say the law enables men to imprison and rape their wives. It requires women to seek their husband’s permission to leave home, except for purposes such as work or weddings, and to submit to their sexual demands unless they are ill.

The law was initially intended as a conciliatory gesture to the Shi'ites, who make up just 20 percent of the country’s population, and who have complained about being subjected to Sunni laws. But it has stirred up a political storm, including a formal protest by more than 200 Afghan leaders. It is also straining relations with Western nations which have been a major source of economic and military aid.

The talk is sponsored by the Department of Religion; Office of Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice; Department of Politics and Government; and the Gender Studies program.