Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some more random inauguration shots

Campus photographer Ross Mulhausen shot this picture inside the SUB during the inauguration. Down in the right hand corner up against the stairwell you'll see a gaggle of the PG related: Me (red hair and coffee cup, of course), Professor Alisa Kessel (seated to my left); to my right Justin Canny, Assistant Director of Student Activities for Outdoor Programs and PG class of '91, and to his right, Jonathan Roberts, PG class of '10 who is headed to Latin America next month for the semester. Politics and Government--we congregate.

Family with Secret Service
And here's a picture sent to Professor Kessel by one of her friends in DC; they are posing on the balcony of their apartment building--and who's that on the right? Secret Service, armed and on the lookout.