Tuesday, January 20, 2009

18th Annual International Youth Conference, Prague

This email brings you information about an interesting educational opportunity – the 18th International Youth Leadership Conference, July 19th – 24th, 2009. This week-long forum on world politics, international relations, business, media and law held in Prague is officially recognized and accredited by the Anglo-American University (www.aauni.edu).

I am the Conference Director of the 18th IYLC and I would like to make sure that your students are informed about this international event. We believe that our conference is a unique opportunity for all those, who wish to enrich their academic and cross-cultural experiences and to challenge their leadership skills.

The 18th IYLC will be welcoming over 100 top university students from around the world. We would be honoured to have best of your students among our participants, as they will contribute to the cultural diversity and higher academic level of this event.

We would like to post you a package with posters and other conference related materials, and would kindly request you to consent this by writing us a short email.

Please take a minute to visit our web-site at www.czechleadership.com. There you will find relevant information about the conference related activities, including the conference schedule (www.czechleadership.com/itinerary.php) and the agenda of the previous conference (www.czechleadership.com/agenda.php).

We would appreciate, if you could invite your students to visit our web-site and forward them the following information:


18th International Youth Leadership Conference

July 19th – 24th, 2009

Prague, Czech Republic

Join prominent university students from 40 different countries for an experience of a lifetime!

The theme of the conference is “a cross-cultural exchange of ideas concerning the future of world leadership” and the main objective of the IYLC is to blend educational activities and social interaction using a number of inter-related events, such as:
* Simulation of the United Nations Security Council Emergency Meeting
* International Criminal Court Mock Pre-Trial
* Model European Parliament Proceedings
* Visits to foreign embassies, Senate of the Czech Republic, European Commission, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, PricewaterhouseCoopers
* Group debates and panel discussions on international security, environmental sustainability, rule of law, responsible leadership and mass media
* Meetings and banquet dinners with leading experts, diplomats, politicians and businessmen

For more information and application, please visit www.CzechLeadership.com.

Apply early to take advantage of the Early Bird discounts:

30% before February 10th, 20% before February 28th, 15% before March 15th, 10% before March 31st, and 5% before April 15th.

We welcome university professors and staff to join the conference as observers. If you or your colleagues are interested in becoming observers, please send us a note expressing your interest. We are planning a special program for observers, and hope to implement it in case of adequate number of interested stakeholders.

I thank you for your time, and please accept my apologies if this email is irrelevant to you. I will be looking forward to hearing from your students. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Yours faithfully,

Ismayil Khayredinov
Conference Director
18th International Youth Leadership Conference
Civic Concepts International
tel: +420 272 730 897