Monday, January 21, 2008

Job Opportunities: Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.

From UPS alum Patrick Sterns. He's likely to be on campus next month if you want to know more:

Subject: Progressive Presidential Election Campaign Job Opportunities

The November 2006 midterm election was an exciting step forward for
progressives; but much work remains. The new Congress, on its own, will
not resolve our nation’s most pressing concerns. If we want to combat
global warming, increase access to higher education, provide healthcare
for all Americans, end corruption in Washington, and redeploy our troops,
we must expand our majorities in Congress and take back the White House.
Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. (GCI), a national firm specializing in building
grassroots support for progressive causes, political candidates, public
interest campaigns, and non-profit fundraising operations, is interviewing
potential staff for their campaigns to Take Back the White House.
Grassroots Campaigns’ current and past clients include, the
Democratic National Committee, the ACLU, and the League of Conservation
Voters. We are hiring for the following positions:

Position: Citizen Outreach Director

Citizen Outreach Directors and Assistant Directors manage grassroots
fundraising offices. They work with a team of other directors to recruit,
train, and work with a staff of up to 100 paid canvassers to build support
for the 2008 elections and a wide range of nonprofit organizations.

Position: Field Organizer

Field Organizers work in targeted Congressional districts and major
metropolitan areas around the country. They will recruit, train, and work
with volunteers to build the support needed to win on critical issues and
get good candidates elected. In fall 2008 Field Organizers will help run
one of the largest get-out-the-vote drives in the country.

For all positions:


Sound communication and motivational skills, strong desire for political
change, and work ethic are essential. We are looking for people who have a
strong leadership background, and who are ready to take on a lot of
responsibility. Previous field organizing or canvass experience is a plus,
but not a pre-requisite.


Annual salary begins at $24,000, and increases commensurate with
experience. Staff may opt into our health care plan. Student loan
assistance repayment program offered.

Nationwide, ask recruiter for more details.

Students who are interested should apply directly to:

NAME – Patrick Sterns
PHONE # - 510-848-1754