Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yes, Political Science Can Change Your Life

From the News Tribune:

"What’s an idea worth? A lot, according to Tacoma attorney Arthur R. Paulsen, who recently pledged $1 million to establish the Arthur R. and Anna Mae Paulsen Endowed Visiting Chair in Public Affairs at the University of Washington Tacoma.

The annual holder of the Paulsen chair – a prominent public figure – will spend a week at UW Tacoma, deliver a major public address and likely give classroom lectures and meet with students.

The idea for the series was planted when Paulsen was a UW student in the late 1930s; his life was changed by [political scientist] Harold J. Laski, a speaker he heard in the Walker-Ames Lecture Series, which has brought eminent scholars to the Seattle campus since 1936. "

Read the article here; I look forward to seeing what speakers will be brought to Tacoma in years to come.