Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Campaign Fellowship Opportunity for UPS Students

From: Alex McNeil
To: David Sousa

Hey Professor,

I'm emailing because I'm hiring fellows, and I wanted to reach out to UPS students who might be interested in diving into the campaign.

I'm going to be here through November, so I'll be looking for folks for summer, fall, or both. The fellowship is with the Iowa Democratic Party coordinated campaign. It's unpaid, but I can guarantee housing (which often comes with meals) for anyone making the trip.

Many of my co-workers started as fellows, and these positions often lead into paid gigs as organizers. The fellowship is one of the surest ways to get a foot in the door--the fast track, so to speak.

The job: A fellow would work with me to build a grass roots machine across two counties I'm supervising. This would entail meeting with locals, planning and executing phone banks, voter registration drives and canvas launches; and generally, organizing a massive get out the vote effort leading up to November. The perks: a chance to work for the good guys in an important cycle, a high degree of autonomy and responsibility in an intense and rewarding work environment, and a great opportunity for professional development, especially for those interested in a career in politics.

Those interested should reach out to me directly at amcneil@pugetsound.edu with an email including a resume and short self-description.

Let me know if you have any questions!