Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Pohlad Fund: international experiential opportunity for students! Deadline 3/23

From: Alisa Kessel 
Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2016

I’m writing on behalf of Monica DeHart, Sunil Kukreja, Patrick O’Neil, Emelie Peine, and Dan Sherman. Together, the six of us have been able to re-vamp the Pohlad Fund. I am writing to let you know about this new opportunity for students.

The Pohlad Fund is a $3000 grant that provides one rising junior or senior the opportunity to travel abroad to participate in activities or programs related to the study of politics or government. Special consideration will be given to activities or programs that support student-faculty collaboration. The award does not stipulate that recipients must be P&G majors, and any student with a political activity or project in mind is eligible to apply. One Pohlad grantee will be awarded each year. 

Unlike a summer research fellowship, the Pohlad Fund is not intended to support student-designed research. Instead, it is meant to give students opportunities to travel and explore. For example, using a grant from the Pohlad Fund, a student could:
        • undertake intensive language training on site
        • participate in extended workshops overseas
        • work in internship and volunteer programs abroad
        • pursue "short course" or conference opportunities
        • collaborate on faculty-led research requiring international fieldwork
        • present joint (faculty-student) research overseas
        • research in museums, archives, or university libraries

This is a unique award that we hope will give its recipients a distinctive traveling and learning experience.

For additional information, contact Professor Alisa Kessel akessel@pugetsound.edu or Professor Sunil Kukreja kukreja@pugetsound.edu
For more information and the online application click here