Thursday, February 27, 2014

Intern with the GAO in Seattle and beyond--

GAO does lots of cool stuff.  Great internship.  Find out more here:

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) supports the Congress in meeting its constitutional responsibilities to legislate, appropriate, and oversee the Federal government for the benefit of the American people. The GAO, commonly referred to as the investigative arm of Congress, or the congressional watchdog, is independent and nonpartisan. The GAO assists Congress in making informed decisions by providing information on policy and program issues, as well as by providing recommendations to make government more effective and responsive.
 GAO seeks non-paid student volunteers to encourage interest in public service careers and provide valuable work experience.  As a non-paid volunteer, a student will gain first-hand experience with GAO’s work environment, learn about the federal government and perform a variety of tasks related to supporting GAO activities.
Student volunteers may work during the school year and/or during summer or school vacation periods. The nature of the  volunteer assignment as well as the work schedule will be established once on-board.
Please note that the specific duties and responsibilities associated with this position will vary based on the team or office assignments.  The following list is intended to provide applicants with a general overview of the duties and responsibilities.
  • Plan and complete work assignments on time
  • Collect and analyze relevant information
  • Prepare quality draft documents
  • Communicate relevant and accurate information, clearly and concisely during formal or informal  meetings
  • Collaborate with others to accomplish goals
  • Contribute to team efforts.
  • Use various enterprise tools and technology to prepare and share documents
  • Provide essential support such as arranging meetings, taking notes, responding to routine inquiries