Thursday, August 22, 2013

Interning in King County--

Thanks to Chad Harper for his input below--

Hi Prof. O’Neil – 

I spent this past summer as a paid intern at the King County Council for Councilmember Julia Patterson. I highly recommend an internship with any council member to any Politics and Government major interested in local government, public health, transportation, urban planning, criminal justice, or environmental politics. This was one of the few internships where about 80% of the work was actually substantive and required little, if any, “grunt work.” I spent the vast majority of my time researching issues that interested me and participated in staff meetings with Councilmember Patterson and her staff and was able to make genuinely meaningful contributions to the office! Unfortunately, Councilmember Patterson is retiring, but I’m more than happy to point any Logger towards the staff of councilmembers that will still be there!

Chad Harper ‘13